Essence of Engineering

Simplifying learnt engineering to the application level


“For most of us, it really takes a long in discovering our own true version! For last few years, I am on this journey, and I don’t hesitate in spending my rest of the life in doing so!”

I studied Engineering and Management. I played Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, & Squash. I travelled North, East, South & West. I worked on roles of Production Engineering, Sales Engineer, Financial & Regulatory Analyst, Business Development Manager, Project Head and Product Consultant. I served in Ship Building, Renewable Energy, Hydro Power Projects and Smart Grid. I lived with Bengali, Telugu, Bihari, Marwari, Sindhi and North Indians.

Being senior in family and having such peer network, I always remain surrounded by younger fellows. While interacting with the energetic and young people, who were to graduate or just graduated – it always signalled me about their dilemma of choosing the right career path. Of course, being an engineer my interactions remained in and around engineering circles. Searching for true values of the time and effort they put in four years, gives them sleepless nights.

Then I started interfacing with people associated with engineering institutes. During this interaction, I saw real colours of the mushrooming engineering institutes. Most of the students do live with the dream of getting a job in ‘Design Engineering‘. By the time they graduate, they become clueless and jump in for the jobs they never even thought of. And one who does not get a decent job, make an attempt for higher studies. Their half-hearted efforts get them nowhere but to the world of frustration and anxiety. By the end of their journey to an Engineering Graduate, they lose on the Essence of Engineering.

Anyways, blaming the environment did not entice me much, rather forced me to do something. Just to begin with, I thought of flooding out my mind by delivering something that’d help the promising engineers (and even for the faculties of Engineering Institute). I started this blog. This blog meant not to dig the shit out of current education system, rather an effort to building something much valuable than them. 

In parallel, I am associated with Sahay Management Consultancy and working with SMEs for making their business grow.

I invite all enthusiasts, who feel it worth contributing something relevant would help the coming generations of engineers – to share your ideas here.

– Tapan Patel